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Fact #1:There is 281 Area Codes Delegated In North America:

With 281 current area codes and 14 more already alocated for expansion, keeping track of which area codes are locate where can be a daunting task. If you need infromation related to an area code, perfom a search now and find out exactly were its located. Provide below is a complete list of all U.S. based area codes and have separated each one by state to make your search fast and easy. By selecting an area code from the list below you'll gain information related to the general location, relative county, city and zip code. If you need to perform a more in-depth search, enter a full phone number in the search box provided to get instant results for the informaiton you're looking for.

Complete List of all 281 area codes delegated in North America

Fact #2:You can Reverse Phone Lookup any Phone #:

If the information you are seeking requires more than just general information about the location of an area code, performing a reverse phone lookup will give you detailed results about any number you search for. Stop being harrassed annoying callers. Know where a call is coming from before you end up ansering the phone. By entering in a phone number in the search box below, you instantly get information that tells you what are the phone number came from. If you need futher details, perform an advance reverse phone search and access information such as the phone owner's name, current address the phone is assigned to, and the phone provider that the number is listed under. Get the information you need today and start avoiding those pesky callers.
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